Lismore Handmade Market Sept 6

Lismore handmade market septMy little sprig of jasmine bloomed yesterday. The first whiff jsut sends me back to all my past spring/summers. It is somehwat apparent that the jasmine bloom is earlier and earlier in the year…..I recall it truly was a late spring/summer occurance before..and here we are in August. Or maybe that’s just the north coast. Are the bees awake from their winter hiatus and ready to lap up the sweet nectar? I hope so. Got to protect the bees. We need them.


Without them we don’t eat most of our vegetables and our fruit. But I digress!

COME TO Lismore Handmade Market on Sept 6 for the Spring market.



Love A Retro Caravan

I am not 100% sure why Magella Rose in Lismore decided to restore a Retro Caravan but one can assume it will be used as a marketing tool. What a fab idea! Indeed the first appearance of the newly restored van will be at the 4WD, Caravan, Camping, Marine Show (July 6-8) at Lismore Showground. There will be a competition to rename her, and I hope we get to take a good peek inside. By the way, the restorer is Paul Copeland (0412 877 777).