Trivia Quiz Night South Lismore Bowlo

My friend Michael, AKA Birdman, is a quiz whizz, as in preparing the questions. He puts in a lot of effort to research and write them himself, they are broad and tricky, and he holds his own as a great MC at the South Lismore Bowling Club Trivia nights. The Bowlo is friendly as most Bowlo’s are, with food available and some great wines by the glass or bottle. It is a fun night out and you don’t need to bring a whole table, just come along yourself and lob onto someone else’s team! – that’s what it’s all about – a bit of fun with others, a chance to earn some cash, a brain stretch and a laugh.




Let’s Cook That Shin, Shall We?

IMG_2595So, I have this friend who is a fine chef and when I bought a rather large Dexter Beef whole shin (ie. “Osso Bucco”) from Cromwell Farms in Goonengerry the friend said “yeah, I will help you cook that!” He probably actually said “S*#t yeah…” but unlike his blog I am trying to keep my mouth clean. Anyway, we cooked it last night. And it was spectacular. I got a cooking lesson in the process and we all got fed on a rainy cold night with the woodfire pumping. We threw cherry tomatoes, chopped eschallots, herbs, red wine, garlic and white beans amongst the browning shin and then slow cooked on 170 for about 3 hours. We boiled up organic sweet potato and Dutch Creams and made mash with butter, lots of butter. Finally, sautéed sliced fennel and leek, with cabbage and sauerkraut. And then we ate it. So very good with a glass of Margaret River red.


Feast At Cromwell Farms Goonengerry

17 Jan 2015

Rooster and Beef Curries : Sam Hall Images 2015

Rooster and Beef Curries: Sam Hall Images 2015

Sunday afternoon is perfect for people, food and a beautiful farm. Greg and Alison Cromwell opened their farm gate in early January and invited friends to a glass of their ‘Top Shed’ label home brew beers followed with a lunch prepared by Graeme and Jen Stockdale (Stockpot Catering).  I first met Graeme when he was the Head Chef at Lilianas, Possum Creek – a hidden hinterland gem now sadly closed. Jen has joined him in the catering, bringing her talented Pastry Chef (and all things baking) skills to the party. Guests shared in rooster and Dexter farm Beef curries, alongside Stockdale’s pickled cucumbers and shredded carrot and coconut sides and then Jen produced her legendary Coconut Panacotta with mango, lychee and shredded mint leaves. It rained. A lot. But it didn’t matter we stood, we got wet, we sat under the marquee, we explored the farm and visited the 2 day old litter of baby Berkshire piggies. Sign up at Cromwell Farms for 2015 Food Events.

Waiting: Sam Hall Images 2015

Waiting: Sam Hall Images 2015

Cromwells Farm Lunch: Sam Hall Images 2015

Cromwells Farm Lunch: Sam Hall Image 2015

Easy to book, light on the wallet and big time for the mouth and mind

If the community doesn’t support Art and Food events in the CBD such as these we simply won’t have them. A lot of love and effort goes into creating events such as these for our community. Be part of this fab evening in the Back Alley Gallery and sample some of Clayton Donovan’s delicious cooking plus conversation with Digby Moran – an Art and Food conversation. Canapes and champagne on arrival. More info

Art and Food Event Lismore

Money, Money, Money, makes you funny and takes up your time

Yes, long time no hear from this blog. I have been busy being employed and recently worked at the North Coast National, AKA Lismore Show. My first time at the Show. It’s an aboriginal meeting place, the Showgrounds site. It’s a little rundown in places but retains the ‘old school elements of Pavilions showing the likes of “Champion Of Show – Best Pikelets”, and my favourite, “Champion Of Show – Honey Frame” from a bee hive. Of course we can thank the Bees for that design and construction, such masters that they are. Go girls, we all love ‘ya honey.

We had a variety of local Chefs cooking up a storm on our Demo Stage, in the Food Hall pavilion. BIG Thanks to them for their time and effort and delicious samples and inspiring ideas. Simon Pagotto (Trattoria Pagotto, Keen St next to the Gollan Hotel – go there) got away with a mighty f*#k at one point, while wearing his headset microphone. Graeme Stockland from Lillians Cafe (Possum Creek – go there too) effortlessly made two dishes at once, chucking some stuff in a blender and a couple of fry pans, barely taking a breath, and then serving up a twist on the Summer BBQ. The Gourmet Goons with moustaches are simply a delight to be around, priceless one might say, and their food is always tasty and great. They travel around the countryside and pop up at Festivals and markets. Check them out.

IMG_0418 IMG_0414 IMG_0409

Vegan Vegetarian Food On Keen St Lismore – It’s Keen On Green!


The lovely Jas from the Mumtaj Indian Restaurant family is juggling between his new venture, Keen On Green, in the day while working at Mumtaj at night and still manages to smile and be ever so friendly whenever I drop in. We like that. And Lismore seems to be liking his cafe and food as well. All local produce, mostly organic and buy direct from producers. No microwave, all cooked fresh. Generous pie slices, curries, lentil and tempeh burgers and wraps, yummy desserts, smoothies and juices. Footpath tables in the sun.



Our Roller Derby Gals

So I hear the Northern Rivers Roller Derby girls are rated in the Top 10 in Australia, from over 100 Roller Derby teams. That is pretty special. And I also hear that it’s not just a case of strapping on the skates and taking a spin….there’s speed trials and a written test to pass before you make the grade to actually compete! Woah. Serious stuff. And fast and furious. And here’s info for the upcoming bouts and here’s the Facebook.. which is a bit easier to read the fine print….And Natsky is part of if all and does the fab photos!