Let’s Cook That Shin, Shall We?

IMG_2595So, I have this friend who is a fine chef and when I bought a rather large Dexter Beef whole shin (ie. “Osso Bucco”) from Cromwell Farms in Goonengerry the friend said “yeah, I will help you cook that!” He probably actually said “S*#t yeah…” but unlike his blog I am trying to keep my mouth clean. Anyway, we cooked it last night. And it was spectacular. I got a cooking lesson in the process and we all got fed on a rainy cold night with the woodfire pumping. We threw cherry tomatoes, chopped eschallots, herbs, red wine, garlic and white beans amongst the browning shin and then slow cooked on 170 for about 3 hours. We boiled up organic sweet potato and Dutch Creams and made mash with butter, lots of butter. Finally, sautéed sliced fennel and leek, with cabbage and sauerkraut. And then we ate it. So very good with a glass of Margaret River red.



Kale and Mackerel Salad + napkin

I wonder when the overhead-food-shot trend will go away but it sure is the best way to see a dish. Herewith a kale and other greens + tinned mackerel with dollops of cottage cheese salad I try and eat once a week or so for those Omega oils and crunchy raw green hit. Sitting alongside my handmade linen and cotton fringed napkin, which I have decided I like too much to actually use so it comes out of the drawer and sits on the table and then goes back into the drawer. I can make you one or two if you like but my sewing will never be perfect.


Fat Freddy’s Lismore – new Fish And Chippery

fat freddys lismore

Image: taken from Fat Freddy’s Facebook page

Lismore can rejoice in the news that a new fish and chippery has opened in the Rous Road Shopping Centre at Goonellabah. Fat Freddy’s offers Australian and NZ fish cooked to order, filleted in store and dipped in the most delightful batter I have had in a long time. The chips were cooked to perfection with a crispy skin breaking open to reveal a fluffy potato centre. Perfect. But aside from the delicious serve of a double fillet of John Dory fish for just under $10, the stand out for me was the sensible serve of chips in the cardboard box. Someone is thinking in the kitchen and they know that serving a massive mound of chips generally ends in a majority being thrown out. And food wastage is a bad thing. For a single serve Fat Freddy’s gives you more than a large handful to satisfy your chip craving (and let’s face it, are we really in it for the fish or the salty chips?!) and leave you wanting more. Next time I might try the Whiting Taco Dinner – 3 crisp local Whiting tacos with a roast corn salsa, lettuce and dressing for $12 or the housemade Thai Fish Cakes with sweet chilli (3 for $7.30), sold out the night I visited. Then there’s always the Fish Burger or a quick snack of deep fried king prawns, “at 70’s prices”, 3 large fleshy prawns for $5.50. Eat in on rustic industrial design stools and tables and enjoy great music overhead, or takeaway and make a night of it at home.

Fat Freddy’s – Rous Road Shops, 29 Rous Rd Goonellabah – Thurs to Sunday nights, 4pm-8pm.

Feast At Cromwell Farms Goonengerry

17 Jan 2015

Rooster and Beef Curries : Sam Hall Images 2015

Rooster and Beef Curries: Sam Hall Images 2015

Sunday afternoon is perfect for people, food and a beautiful farm. Greg and Alison Cromwell opened their farm gate in early January and invited friends to a glass of their ‘Top Shed’ label home brew beers followed with a lunch prepared by Graeme and Jen Stockdale (Stockpot Catering).  I first met Graeme when he was the Head Chef at Lilianas, Possum Creek – a hidden hinterland gem now sadly closed. Jen has joined him in the catering, bringing her talented Pastry Chef (and all things baking) skills to the party. Guests shared in rooster and Dexter farm Beef curries, alongside Stockdale’s pickled cucumbers and shredded carrot and coconut sides and then Jen produced her legendary Coconut Panacotta with mango, lychee and shredded mint leaves. It rained. A lot. But it didn’t matter we stood, we got wet, we sat under the marquee, we explored the farm and visited the 2 day old litter of baby Berkshire piggies. Sign up at Cromwell Farms for 2015 Food Events.

Waiting: Sam Hall Images 2015

Waiting: Sam Hall Images 2015

Cromwells Farm Lunch: Sam Hall Images 2015

Cromwells Farm Lunch: Sam Hall Image 2015

Have I Had My Head In The Sand?

henrysbakery So I was told (and it is true) that I just need to sign up to Henry’s Bakery mailing list, where they will alert me of any specials or drop me a $$ voucher from time to time, to receive an instant $10 voucher into my inbox, which is what just happened. I know, another sign up, more emails but hey, at least you can eat these ones. Given they do a fine tradtional long ferment Sourdough which I have also just been hooked onto, I think I am liking Henry’s even more now, and suggest you sign up now too 🙂

Easy to book, light on the wallet and big time for the mouth and mind

If the community doesn’t support Art and Food events in the CBD such as these we simply won’t have them. A lot of love and effort goes into creating events such as these for our community. Be part of this fab evening in the Back Alley Gallery and sample some of Clayton Donovan’s delicious cooking plus conversation with Digby Moran – an Art and Food conversation. Canapes and champagne on arrival. More info

Art and Food Event Lismore

Lotsa Nuts Natural Liquorice


Talk about a taste sensation. Get to Lismore Carboot Market next time and hunt out Lotsanuts Natural Liquorice. Handmade by a local chef, and using natual real proper liquorice root, aniseed myrtle, molasses, and the quirky addition of macadamia and pistachio nuts (other buts available too), then rolled in cinnamon and, wait for it, then coffee. Whoa! loving that. You don’t chew on it, you suck on it…then you chew up the nuts, then you suck on it again, then all the flavours work some kinda magic in your mouth and you reach for another piece and then you dance and want to tell all your friends about it. Basic packaging but heck, it’s a mere wrapper of joy.

Grazza, be nice and I will share some with you.