Shop-Top Living

Article in Northern Star, promoting the possible rise of shop top apartment living in Lismore’s CBD – kinda makes it an urban village, a little New York City, a little Paris, a bit of a Sydney Potts Point?! OK maybe not yet, but more energy in the CBD generates more businesses and sense of commuity – night time eateries, bars and cafes. Look out Lismore, you’re gonna shine.


Lismore Community Sustainability Forum

Over 200 active locals conducted a Forum in 2011 resulting in Key Focus Areas for Sustainability in our region, under the banner “Lismore Sustainability Strategy”. These include land use policies and a plan for more local food production, improvements to the local bus services, info on car pooling, cycling infrastructure, affordable housing, and envioronmental issues. There is a fantastic website at that clearly outlines the various strategies, meeting times and how you can get involved. If you are new to the region and map and info for the abundance of Farmers Markets is great.