NORPA 2015 Season Launch Feb 6

NORPA 2015 Season LaunchNORPA’s 2015 Season Launch is on Friday Feb 6, from 6pm. This is a free event. Come and hear about the fab season this year, and enjoy dinner afterwards at the Popup Diner. All tickets on sale after the presentation – get in quick to Subscribe to 3 shows or more and receive a discount on your ticket price. Then stick the tickets on your fridge, mark the dates in your phone – easy!


Lismore Handmade Market Sept 6

Lismore handmade market septMy little sprig of jasmine bloomed yesterday. The first whiff jsut sends me back to all my past spring/summers. It is somehwat apparent that the jasmine bloom is earlier and earlier in the year…..I recall it truly was a late spring/summer occurance before..and here we are in August. Or maybe that’s just the north coast. Are the bees awake from their winter hiatus and ready to lap up the sweet nectar? I hope so. Got to protect the bees. We need them.


Without them we don’t eat most of our vegetables and our fruit. But I digress!

COME TO Lismore Handmade Market on Sept 6 for the Spring market.


Easy to book, light on the wallet and big time for the mouth and mind

If the community doesn’t support Art and Food events in the CBD such as these we simply won’t have them. A lot of love and effort goes into creating events such as these for our community. Be part of this fab evening in the Back Alley Gallery and sample some of Clayton Donovan’s delicious cooking plus conversation with Digby Moran – an Art and Food conversation. Canapes and champagne on arrival. More info

Art and Food Event Lismore

Money, Money, Money, makes you funny and takes up your time

Yes, long time no hear from this blog. I have been busy being employed and recently worked at the North Coast National, AKA Lismore Show. My first time at the Show. It’s an aboriginal meeting place, the Showgrounds site. It’s a little rundown in places but retains the ‘old school elements of Pavilions showing the likes of “Champion Of Show – Best Pikelets”, and my favourite, “Champion Of Show – Honey Frame” from a bee hive. Of course we can thank the Bees for that design and construction, such masters that they are. Go girls, we all love ‘ya honey.

We had a variety of local Chefs cooking up a storm on our Demo Stage, in the Food Hall pavilion. BIG Thanks to them for their time and effort and delicious samples and inspiring ideas. Simon Pagotto (Trattoria Pagotto, Keen St next to the Gollan Hotel – go there) got away with a mighty f*#k at one point, while wearing his headset microphone. Graeme Stockland from Lillians Cafe (Possum Creek – go there too) effortlessly made two dishes at once, chucking some stuff in a blender and a couple of fry pans, barely taking a breath, and then serving up a twist on the Summer BBQ. The Gourmet Goons with moustaches are simply a delight to be around, priceless one might say, and their food is always tasty and great. They travel around the countryside and pop up at Festivals and markets. Check them out.

IMG_0418 IMG_0414 IMG_0409

NORPA Opens Revamped Lismore City Hall – Happy As Larry

WOW, I was at the opening night for the NORPA 2013 program last Friday night and thus the opening  of the revamped Lismore City Hall. It looks fantastic inside. Everyone is talking about it. The brand new bar and pre-theatre mingling area is great. You need to buy tickets to see a show and check it out. The new Box Office is on ground level, easy to park right outside in Bounty St. You can also book tickets online, or via the phone 1300 066 772 (a little $2.20 is required via phone). 3 x show subscribers save up to 15%.  AND groups of 4 or more people pay concession prices! that’s cool. Grab friends, partners, family whoever and get on down and check it out.

Next up is “Happy As Larry” – $15 ticket price for school kids, for the 3.30 matinee on Saturday August 3 – selling fast!

“Created by award-winning Australian choreographer, Shaun Parker, this powerful performance combines an intoxicating, free-flowing mix of ballet, break-dance, roller-skating and highly physical contemporary dance……Set to a vibrant electro-acoustic score, the performers look at how each personality type gives rise to the idea of happiness. Fun and danger is brought to the fore in this innovative and moving dance work.”hapaslarryJul13

Lismore Regional Gallery Current Exhibitions

I missed the opening night. Have you seen these works?

The other side – Laurence Aberhart
20 July – 25 August 2013
“New Zealand photographer, Laurence Aberhart, is internationally renowned for his black and white prints of landscapes and interiors and overlooked details of small town life, all produced using a 100 year old wooden 8×10 inch view camera. The contact prints of these large format negatives are made without an enlarger in a basic chemical darkroom – providing the viewer with an image of exacting precision.”

Shelagh Morgan
20 July – 25 August 2013
Jasmine Scheidler
20 July – 25 August 2013
Sharon Thompson
20 July – 25 August 2013

GALLERY details
Ph: 6622 2209
Tues – Fri 10-4pm
Thurs – 10-6pm
Sat and Sun – 10-2pm

2480 Lismore

I had a good chat with Dave from Music Bizarre (Magellan St). I remember Dave from way back when I was a uni student here and he was the CD shop. He still is the CD shop (and vinyl) and a walking encyclopedia of music knowledge. Today he had a stack of vinyl 33 and 7 inch vinyl on the floor, a recent haul that didn’t quite turn out to be what was expected of the delivery. I love that. “There might be some gold in there he said, you never know.” We laughed over the fact that there is always a James Last record in every Op Shop you visit, who the hell was James Last anyway? And Nana Maskouri. Dave now has several of both of these, if you want to grab one while you can. Anyway, the point of the post is that I mentioned a song by an old Lismore band, The Simpletons, called “2480 Lismore“. That’s how I remember my postcode, I told Dave. The next thing he is playing me an old video on YouTube of the song, recorded at Southern Cross Uni Band Comp, Lismore, 1993.  And laughed we did – classic. Were you there too? I was. GO LISMORE!