Let’s Cook That Shin, Shall We?

IMG_2595So, I have this friend who is a fine chef and when I bought a rather large Dexter Beef whole shin (ie. “Osso Bucco”) from Cromwell Farms in Goonengerry the friend said “yeah, I will help you cook that!” He probably actually said “S*#t yeah…” but unlike his blog I am trying to keep my mouth clean. Anyway, we cooked it last night. And it was spectacular. I got a cooking lesson in the process and we all got fed on a rainy cold night with the woodfire pumping. We threw cherry tomatoes, chopped eschallots, herbs, red wine, garlic and white beans amongst the browning shin and then slow cooked on 170 for about 3 hours. We boiled up organic sweet potato and Dutch Creams and made mash with butter, lots of butter. Finally, sautéed sliced fennel and leek, with cabbage and sauerkraut. And then we ate it. So very good with a glass of Margaret River red.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Cook That Shin, Shall We?

  1. […] worthy of note is this was a little almost cooking lesson with fellow bloggergeist and friend, Sam of Loving Lismore. We spent the afternoon cooking, sharing stories of strange carnie folk and one eyed goat herders […]


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