The Allure of Mount Warning

There’s a van park/campground in the Mount Warning rainforest, on the way up to the path to the summit. It has a beautiful creek running through it, plus cabins, pool and camp kitchen. Open fire pits are scattered around and even if you are in a cabin you just find yourself a pit, fill it with kindling and wood and light that thing. It’s all about the open fire when you go camping. Like, if you liked sleeping on the ground in a polyester enclosure prone to filling with mozzies, snakes, and nocturnal critters looking for food (if you are not careful with that zipper) then you can do that every night in your own back yard if you really want to. I like the adventure of distance and the lure of the firepit by the creek. The kid managed to do a short distance of the steep Mt Warning climb and looked very small in the Old Growth. Prefers the couch and a good book. The cabin had everything but the Boy (I think they gave us the honeymoon suite)…….









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