Have I Had My Head In The Sand?

henrysbakery So I was told (and it is true) that I just need to sign up to Henry’s Bakery mailing list, where they will alert me of any specials or drop me a $$ voucher from time to time, to receive an instant $10 voucher into my inbox, which is what just happened. I know, another sign up, more emails but hey, at least you can eat these ones. Given they do a fine tradtional long ferment Sourdough which I have also just been hooked onto, I think I am liking Henry’s even more now, and suggest you sign up now too 🙂


Lismore Handmade Market Sept 6

Lismore handmade market septMy little sprig of jasmine bloomed yesterday. The first whiff jsut sends me back to all my past spring/summers. It is somehwat apparent that the jasmine bloom is earlier and earlier in the year…..I recall it truly was a late spring/summer occurance before..and here we are in August. Or maybe that’s just the north coast. Are the bees awake from their winter hiatus and ready to lap up the sweet nectar? I hope so. Got to protect the bees. We need them.


Without them we don’t eat most of our vegetables and our fruit. But I digress!

COME TO Lismore Handmade Market on Sept 6 for the Spring market.


Easy to book, light on the wallet and big time for the mouth and mind

If the community doesn’t support Art and Food events in the CBD such as these we simply won’t have them. A lot of love and effort goes into creating events such as these for our community. Be part of this fab evening in the Back Alley Gallery and sample some of Clayton Donovan’s delicious cooking plus conversation with Digby Moran – an Art and Food conversation. Canapes and champagne on arrival. More info

Art and Food Event Lismore