2480 Lismore

I had a good chat with Dave from Music Bizarre (Magellan St). I remember Dave from way back when I was a uni student here and he was the CD shop. He still is the CD shop (and vinyl) and a walking encyclopedia of music knowledge. Today he had a stack of vinyl 33 and 7 inch vinyl on the floor, a recent haul that didn’t quite turn out to be what was expected of the delivery. I love that. “There might be some gold in there he said, you never know.” We laughed over the fact that there is always a James Last record in every Op Shop you visit, who the hell was James Last anyway? And Nana Maskouri. Dave now has several of both of these, if you want to grab one while you can. Anyway, the point of the post is that I mentioned a song by an old Lismore band, The Simpletons, called “2480 Lismore“. That’s how I remember my postcode, I told Dave. The next thing he is playing me an old video on YouTube of the song, recorded at Southern Cross Uni Band Comp, Lismore, 1993.  And laughed we did – classic. Were you there too? I was. GO LISMORE!


3 thoughts on “2480 Lismore

  1. Dave is an absolute legend. The Summer Storm gigs he put on when i was in highschool were my first exposure to live music and he pulled such great bands and made such great gigs happen. Big Love!


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