Tapas In Lismore La Vida

Start with tapas of baby beets, housemade Labneh and caramelised fennel OR herb, corn and ricotta fritters with white onion jam?
Follow it with slow cooked osso buco, potato gnochhi fritti, orange pangratatto, and shaved parmesan OR Paella with Northern Rivers seafood, peas, saffron, chilli, chicken and chorizo (which my friend tells me is pronounced “Chor-ritho”)? And go all out and decadent and finish with lime ginger crema Catalana, vanilla jelly, strawberry salad and mandarin sorbet OR churros, cinamon and chocolate dipping sauce?!? These are just a sample of the delicious delights at La Vida Bar & Restaurant – now offering “2 For 20 In 30” – two courses for $20 in 30 minutes. (please check first if the full menu is on offer for this deal). Lunch on the run! yum.
lavidaFab image taken from the La Vida Facebook page


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