The Photo Exchange at The New Camera House

streetphoto1Did you know The New Camera House Lismore on Keen St (next to Blooms Chemist) still processes film? I had the magical experience this week of dropping off a 6 year old roll of Kodak 35MM film for processing that had been sitting in a box and on my to-do list for all that time. When I picked it up the staff said there were some cute photos on there and of course they were of my Daughter who was 18 mths at the time and indeed there were some great shots. Now forever on matte paper with that unmistakable real film look. So I will dust off the old Nikon and get film snapping again! The team at the New Camera House are just lovely and so helpful. They also introduced me to The Photo Exchange – a community photo club they run once a month at the lovely La Vida Bar and Restaurant – it looks awesome! Check out their Facebook, or website or drop into the shop and have a chat.

streetphoto2Photos taken from The Photo Exchange Newsletter – sign up for it now!


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