Byron Bay Film Festival At Star Court Theatre Lismore

Fantastic news that the Star Court Theatre is screening sessions from the Byron Bay International Film Festival. This weekend I will be going to the Australian premiere of the documentary Lost And Sound (UK) Saturday at 2pm……….

Imagine waking up in the morning to find that the world sounds utterly different – and music is suddenly unrecognisable. All the songs you’ve loved and all the songs you’ve yet to discover are suddenly out of reach. Around one in seven of us will experience some kind of deafness in our lifetime. Could you find a way to get music back again? Made by a partially deaf filmmaker after the future of her own hearing was called into doubt, this fascinating documentary follows music critic Nick Coleman, dancer Emily Thornton and pianist Holly Loach over two years as they journey deep into sound and silence. It combines intimate filming with original animation, a rich soundtrack (often manipulated to reveal what deafness actually sounds like), and new accessible insights from the world’s top neuroscientists to tell the story of the human love affair with music.

Sunday afternoon bring the whole family down for the Family Friendly Kids Shorts at 1pm. Includes some locally produced animations. Tickets are only $8 each.Grab a choc top too. Heaps more at the Star Court Theatre, check


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