Cafe Gambrello Opens

OK so now its clear, the site of the original Caddies Cafe is a new cafe, Cafe Gambrello, with schmik white cloths, yummy pizzas and great coffee indoors or out. For now, opening during the week and Saturday mornings, hopefully in summer open at least one weekend night for pizza outdoors. Check it out and buy a coffee and support new businesses in town!


One thought on “Cafe Gambrello Opens

  1. Yay, a revitalised cafe space, Cafe Gambello looks set to open anyday now. Coffee, pizza, gelato, and that great outdoor seating area. Lets hope they stay open at night, and do a simple kids size pizza around the $6 mark! Any chance of those gas outdoor heaters or better still a gallon drum style fire warmer? The Rails at Byron have them. A fire is communal on these chilly Lismore nights…..brings people together to warm their hands and perhaps strike up a chat and make a friend.


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