Lismore Community Sustainability Forum

Over 200 active locals conducted a Forum in 2011 resulting in Key Focus Areas for Sustainability in our region, under the banner “Lismore Sustainability Strategy”. These include land use policies and a plan for more local food production, improvements to the local bus services, info on car pooling, cycling infrastructure, affordable housing, and envioronmental issues. There is a fantastic website at that clearly outlines the various strategies, meeting times and how you can get involved. If you are new to the region and map and info for the abundance of Farmers Markets is great.


No Good Clothing

Jesse Mackintosh of No Good Clothing does good screen…..and now has a new shop in South Lismore, called The House Of M. At 105 Union Street but I have done a driveby and still can’t find it 🙂

Image from House of M Facebook page

Today I liked……

Tuesday 19th June 2012

The man on the whipper snipper and information stand, selling whipper snipper heads outside Woolies at Lismore Shopping Square. Did he design and make his own fabulous vest made out of artifical shaggy grass, or did his wife help? Either way it was an eye catcher! Shaggy vests are in, mostly fake fur and the like. But I like his “arty grass” one the best.

Lismore On Facebook

Lismore is now on Facebook and features many of the great shops downtown. If you want an easy browse stick to the CBD Block shops. Don’t rush just because you parked the car in a 1 hour zone. Park it along the eastern side of Magellan St (near the Oval) or any other boundary road that offers unrestricted parking. You get in a few extra steps of excercise and don’t have to worry that you might get a ticket if shopping and coffee takes longer than expected, which is highly likely! Lismore On Facebook

Love A Retro Caravan

I am not 100% sure why Magella Rose in Lismore decided to restore a Retro Caravan but one can assume it will be used as a marketing tool. What a fab idea! Indeed the first appearance of the newly restored van will be at the 4WD, Caravan, Camping, Marine Show (July 6-8) at Lismore Showground. There will be a competition to rename her, and I hope we get to take a good peek inside. By the way, the restorer is Paul Copeland (0412 877 777).

Cafe Gambrello Opens

OK so now its clear, the site of the original Caddies Cafe is a new cafe, Cafe Gambrello, with schmik white cloths, yummy pizzas and great coffee indoors or out. For now, opening during the week and Saturday mornings, hopefully in summer open at least one weekend night for pizza outdoors. Check it out and buy a coffee and support new businesses in town!