Go To The Theatre – Fawlty Towers Revisited

Lismore Theatre Company is presenting “Fawlty Towers Revisited – Waldorf Salad/The Hotel Inspectors” starting next Friday 27th July through early August.

Basil will be reprised by Jason Smith, who played the bumbling, ill-tempered proprietor during the LTC’s last run of Fawlty Towers, under the direction of the late Brian Best. This season of Fawlty Towers has been dedicated to Brian, a stalwart of the theatre company both as a president and an active director, who passed away last year.
Vanessa Dibley virtually channels Sybil as she humiliates, ignores and generally disparages her husband while they attempt to meet the needs of their seaside residential hotel guests.”

Tickets: $20/15, available at  Uncle Peters Books, Carrington Street, Lismore, or from the website  Lismore Theatre Company.  Lismore City Council and Lismore Workers Club are sponsors of LTC.


One thought on “Go To The Theatre – Fawlty Towers Revisited

  1. This was a good show, with some really strong moments. I took the kid along, whoops!, strong language and stylised hitting etc, but I had no choice and really wanted to go along and show my support for our community theatre. Anyway, the kid had teddy and lay down behind the seats for most of it. I love the funky foyer with a collection of oddment lounges, armchairs, lamps, and cushions. Very homely on a rainy Saturday afternoon. A cup of tea and lamingtons and donuts, plus great 1970’s music playing the background. I might just visit the foyer again for a cuppa!


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