Mothers Day-Doing It DownTown

Some mums might think it sad that I am not with my daughter today, as she is with your father instead. But most of the mums I have spoken to have looked at me with sheer envy at the thought of a whole day and night when someone doesn’t sqawk at you “Mum!”, and someone doesn’t demand and wail at you to wipe their bottom because you, “darling mother who I love, do it the bestest”. Besides that I only have to feed myself (think spicy green chicken thai curry with brown rice, which daughter won’t eat), plus I got to go for a bike ride today in DownTown Lismore and how lovely to see Council has supported an initiative to spend Mother’s Day DownTown..with pop-up musicians on footpaths and traffic islands, around Magellan, Carrington, Woodlark, Keen and Molesworth Streets. Where have you musos been hiding? Up at the Music Block at SCU perhaps? I was a SCU student once and we were DownTown most of the time, and yet today I barely see anyone who looks even vaguely like a Uni student. So, get downtown more often and present yourselves to the world. Great duos, top voices, original lyrics, some covers. Every act was excellent! Even the poor duo on a traffic island in Woodlark St whose PA was powered by a noisy generator?! Only in Lismore.  DownTown was singing today…not enough people around to witness it but there’s always next year.


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