Become A Lismore Regional Art Gallery Friend

Margaret Olley, Kitchen Cupboard.

Way back when in the days of Uni I worked as a volunteer at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery (LRAG). Unfortunately today almost 20 years later nothing has changed about the building! Nothing, except a paint job inside and a lovely new Cafe outside. I love the Gallery, even though it is small….. I think it is charming. However, it has it’s obvious limitations:

> the gallery space is not above flood level
> the walls are cracking and there is mould
> the staff kitchen upstairs has a toilet closely attached and has no hot water
> admin offices and the small display room are only accessible by the old narrow wooden staircase
> it is difficult to stage major events that will draw lots of people as there is not enough space to stand!

If you have enjoyed the Gallery, wish to contribute to the development of a bigger space,  or just wish to support the Arts in Lismore then consider joining the Friends Of The Gallery. Be a part of organising events and play a crucial role in the future of our regional gallery. Annual Fee from $10. Ask at the Gallery for further information.

Check out the Permanent Collection website